Wearing a Microskirt

Miniskirts have been around and about since the 60s and probably all women had one at one point in their life. A typical mini skirt is a skirt that has the line above the knee and usually halfway up the thighs. But there have been modifications to this since it appeared and skirts became shorter and shorter.

The cool thing about a mini skirt is that nowadays it has become such a cool item that it can even be worn over your jeans or leggings. So you don’t have to have perfect legs to wear it, it’s not a fashion item for models anymore or only those with amazing legs.


But miniskirts have become micro skirts lately with women wearing belt size skirts. However, these are worn for special occasions or going to the club, not as street wear. They are usually worn with shorts or even over pants so they are not as revealing as one would think. Micro skirts are more of an accessory than a piece of clothing since they are meant to cover very little and more like give the idea of a skirt rather than be functional. They are even worn during winter over thicker pants and they can be worn with sports clothes, especially by women who practice aerobic or dance.

An interesting option is choosing micro skirts for your swimwear and some of them are even incorporated in the bikinis. For example, there are women who prefer a mini skirt bathing suit because it doesn’t reveal as much as a regular one and they might feel more self-conscious when going to the beach. This is why a micro skirt is the best option you can have in these situations.

When it comes to places where you can buy micro skirts there are a few lingerie stores that sell a big variety of them. However, you can find micro skirts at Target or Topshop easily during summer. Make sure that you wear your micro skirts with confidence but don’t forget about good taste, otherwise people might consider you a little too daring and perhaps more promiscuous than you are.

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