Sport-Chic Trends of the 2012 Summer

According to the current trends, sportwear can become daily outfits and chic style is reinvented through luxury accessories. Zippers, short tights,loose T-shirts, bermudas, overalls, comfortable pants with big pockets, lightweight materials and accented colors are emphasized even though they are normally worn in the gym. Women have been wearing sweatpants or gray hooded sweatshirts only for sport or to go to the gym.

You don’t dare to put on the neon chromatic tones? You should know that this is the big trend of this year’s hot season and more importantly, it goes perfectly with a sportswear look or with a casual chic one. Forget the old dark jogging and white T-shirts, this year’s sporty woman has a flashy look. Do you like colored tights? Then it is advisable to combine them with skirts.

Bet on accessories! A turquoise purse, a pink or fluorescent orange bracelet or high heeled sandals will complete your sporty chic outfit.Short pants go very well with a pair of elegant sandals. Don’t forget that color bands are still considered stylish accessories. They are printed on sportswear, but if you want to be in line with the latest trends, it is better to wear them with a parka and a cotton skirt.

If you are afraid of overdoing it, do not panic. Avoid the total sport look and play with white clothes. For instance, neon pink shorts will partner perfectly with a white tank top and vice versa. You can combine sport trousers with a jacket, but make sure you replace your sports shoes with a pair of platform sandals and to pick a more brilliant and elegant top. The fur jacket can be worn to go sking, but it can also be worn with a pair of cotton slacks and laced shoes.

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