Small Hairpins With A Big Role

A fashion item can be something big as a trench coat or something as small as a ring, size doesn’t matter when it comes to fashion; the only thing that matters is style. Sometimes, even the smallest item can make all the difference in the world. With this idea in mind, let’s take a look at hairpins, one of the smallest fashion items you can wear but something which surely deserves some attention.

The hairpin we all know and love is nothing new, there are records stating that hairpins made out of metal, bronze, wood or other materials were used in ancient Assyria and Egypt to give the hairstyle shape and to hold it in place. They weren’t items found amongst the common people but luxury objects according the graves and many civilizations were wearing them. The biggest step came in 1901 when the spiral hairpin was invented by Ernest Godward in New Zealand.

Nowadays, the hairpin can be simple and subtle or encrusted with jewels that make it stand out. Some women wear it to hold their hair in a certain position while the hairpin stays hidden and other women see it as a small fashion item meant to add a bit of style to a wardrobe. Some can be playful with flowers or anime characters and they can be used to show a young style in a cute way. Women with long hair find hairpins quite useful and with countless small designs available, it can be very easy to find something that fits with whatever outfit you are wearing.

Never underestimate the power of a fashion item, no matter how small it is. Avoid wearing too many at the same time because the result might be a bit too crowded and will just attract negative attention towards your head and hair. One or two colorful designs are usually enough to both hold your hair and complete your outfit. There are antique and modern options, simple or filled with small designs, neutral or bright colored, dark or sparkly and the best thing is that they are quite cheap and easy to find either online or in your local mall.

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