Pea Coat – Classic Fashion From The Navy

The pea coat has become quite the fashion item lately being one of the top choices for men when it comes to an autumn/winter outfit. Although it is now a fashionable must, the pea coat started as a clothing item worn by European sailors used to protect them from the strong winds and rough conditions. The design hasn’t changed that much over the years and there are references about this now popular fashion item as early as 1720.

The modern design maintains that same key characteristics that made it so useful on the sea. The board lapels aren’t just for an extra bit of style but they also protect the person wearing it when conditions demand it. The double-breasted fronts are more of an esthetic characteristic that has remained over the years and it usually features large buttons made out of wood or metal. The third and final classic element is the vertical or slash pockets which can be quite subtle but great for a cold day.

As far as colors go, black, dark-blue and grey are the most popular and they are usually made out of wool. There might be some minor differences between some pea coats nowadays as fashion designers make them to follow the current trends but without changing the overall style too much.

The pea coat has a classic style that can usually be found in neutral colors which make it very easy to wear and accessorize. It offers the needed protection against the cold during the winter while also being stylish. While it was originally designed for men at sea, it has now become quite popular and there are also designs available for women and in more colorful styles. Buying a pea coat may seem like the safe choice because it will be fashionable for years to come and the classic design will not soon fade. If you are still uncertain about the pea coat being a fashionable item, just take a look at what the biggest celebrities are wearing as streetwear and the answer will be much clearer; the pea coat is perfect for everyone and yet unique as the individual wearing it.

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