Past Inspiration Trends in Jewelry

Back to religion with Dolce & Gabbana


The two Italian fashion designers delight us each season with trendy clothes and accessories inspired from the depths of their native culture.  The Italian duo brought the first Dolce & Gabbana jewelry line. A touch of extravagance and passion, this collection brings crucifix shaped earrings adorned with rosettes of gold, pearls and sapphires, like precious baroque jewels displaying the past splendor of the Italian church.

Ethnic collections from Marni and Yazbukey


For this year’s collection, Marni has an unexpected line of ethnic jewelry collection, very different from PVC fittings that its customers had discovered during the previous years. Of tribal inspiration, these accessories are decorated with ethnic materials such as horn, resin or ceramic. Necklaces decorated with fringes, tassels or irregular balls and their matching earrings and are now available in all Marni stores.

Pendants and badges reproducing the faces of famous music stars have been displayed for several seasons on the neck of fashionable Parisians. For this year’s collection, Yazbukey remains faithful to its quirky and whimsical world, imagining a line of ethnic jewelry inspired by the African continent. The claws of tigers are on necklaces, lions roar on the back of a jacket and snakes roll down in earrings or on the frame of a funky pair of glasses with red lenses.

Wooden rings from Benedikt Von Lepel


Benedikt Von Lepel is a brand of original and refined jewelry that many women already adore. With a Master in Cultural Management, Benedikt Von Lepel worked for 5 years between Rome and Paris in communication for contemporary art until she decided to leave everything behind and start her jewelry design business. She then learned to work with metal, carving her models in wax. Today she creates playful and feminine pieces inspired by her trips and fashion trends. Benedikt works with fine gold and designs rings and necklaces with sweet words or trendy messages. For her new collection, Benedikt von Lepel unveils ten original pieces carved in ebony wood and yellow gold. With All In Wood, the designer is inspired by two great names in Art Deco jewelry. A combination of precious materials and appealing minimalism, these rings created in his Paris studio are sold in limited edition.

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