Sleeveless Shirts – Casual And Elegant

Have you ever wanted something that will offer you versatility along with a comfortable feel? If the answer to this question is yes, you should probably try to wear a sleeveless shirt. These shirts are great when you want to feel comfortable but also want to achieve a sort of sophisticated look, especially during the summer when all you want is to wear something that doesn’t make you feel hot. Here are some types of sleeveless shirts and the clothes that go well with each one of them.

Also called tank tops, the casual sleeveless shirts are perfect when you want to look your best and you simply want to choose something that works well during day time and when going to the club. You can choose a tube top if you feel more adventurous and you want to be in the center of attention at the club. For those shyer, a sleeveless tank top with a cute design and some cleavage will also do wonders on your overall look and attitude.

If you want to look elegant, you should choose a sleeveless shirt and combine it with a jacket for an office look so if you are going straight for a party you can take off the jacket, change your makeup in the bathroom mirror and you are set to go. It’s that simple with a sleeveless shirt.

Elegant sleeveless shirts look just like elegant shirts but without the sleeves which makes them perfect for school or office wear during the summer. Make sure that you choose a brighter color as black tends to draw more heat. Also, if you are looking for the right material you should know that cotton and hemp are the best choices for your skin, especially during warmer weather.

A sleeveless shirt is not just a fashion item but it also becomes a timeless piece of clothing that will soon replace the other classic choices for women. You should always buy several tank tops or shirts that will match all your clothes as they are comfortable, easy to wear, and tend to be cheaper than some sophisticated blouses.

Small Hairpins With A Big Role

A fashion item can be something big as a trench coat or something as small as a ring, size doesn’t matter when it comes to fashion; the only thing that matters is style. Sometimes, even the smallest item can make all the difference in the world. With this idea in mind, let’s take a look at hairpins, one of the smallest fashion items you can wear but something which surely deserves some attention.

The hairpin we all know and love is nothing new, there are records stating that hairpins made out of metal, bronze, wood or other materials were used in ancient Assyria and Egypt to give the hairstyle shape and to hold it in place. They weren’t items found amongst the common people but luxury objects according the graves and many civilizations were wearing them. The biggest step came in 1901 when the spiral hairpin was invented by Ernest Godward in New Zealand.

Nowadays, the hairpin can be simple and subtle or encrusted with jewels that make it stand out. Some women wear it to hold their hair in a certain position while the hairpin stays hidden and other women see it as a small fashion item meant to add a bit of style to a wardrobe. Some can be playful with flowers or anime characters and they can be used to show a young style in a cute way. Women with long hair find hairpins quite useful and with countless small designs available, it can be very easy to find something that fits with whatever outfit you are wearing.

Never underestimate the power of a fashion item, no matter how small it is. Avoid wearing too many at the same time because the result might be a bit too crowded and will just attract negative attention towards your head and hair. One or two colorful designs are usually enough to both hold your hair and complete your outfit. There are antique and modern options, simple or filled with small designs, neutral or bright colored, dark or sparkly and the best thing is that they are quite cheap and easy to find either online or in your local mall.

Pea Coat – Classic Fashion From The Navy

The pea coat has become quite the fashion item lately being one of the top choices for men when it comes to an autumn/winter outfit. Although it is now a fashionable must, the pea coat started as a clothing item worn by European sailors used to protect them from the strong winds and rough conditions. The design hasn’t changed that much over the years and there are references about this now popular fashion item as early as 1720.

The modern design maintains that same key characteristics that made it so useful on the sea. The board lapels aren’t just for an extra bit of style but they also protect the person wearing it when conditions demand it. The double-breasted fronts are more of an esthetic characteristic that has remained over the years and it usually features large buttons made out of wood or metal. The third and final classic element is the vertical or slash pockets which can be quite subtle but great for a cold day.

As far as colors go, black, dark-blue and grey are the most popular and they are usually made out of wool. There might be some minor differences between some pea coats nowadays as fashion designers make them to follow the current trends but without changing the overall style too much.

The pea coat has a classic style that can usually be found in neutral colors which make it very easy to wear and accessorize. It offers the needed protection against the cold during the winter while also being stylish. While it was originally designed for men at sea, it has now become quite popular and there are also designs available for women and in more colorful styles. Buying a pea coat may seem like the safe choice because it will be fashionable for years to come and the classic design will not soon fade. If you are still uncertain about the pea coat being a fashionable item, just take a look at what the biggest celebrities are wearing as streetwear and the answer will be much clearer; the pea coat is perfect for everyone and yet unique as the individual wearing it.

The Wedding Gowns Trends for 2012

Floral patterns, embedded with crystal, long or short, this year’s wedding gowns are romantic and chic. This summer, the embroidered flowers are worn sparingly to provide a countryside picnic atmosphere or, on the contrary, abundantly for a total look of garden party. No matter which of the two options is chosen, they appear on all the wedding gowns displayed on the runways, except for those models where geometrical patterns set the tone.

For small or big breasts equally, the strapless dress will certainly turn the bride into a princess, provided she keeps her shoulders back and steps gracefully. This year, it is the hottest trend and it comes in various forms: While most of them are long, playing on ruffles and shades of colors on the lower part, with Valentino, the strapless wedding dress comes in a tulip shape, revealing a lot of the woman’s silhouette.


Vaporous, transparent and bearing a pastel color, the swirling veil is set in a tiara with Elie Saab, sewn on the shoulders or hips with Maxime Simoens. The latter fashion designer recommends for the spring-summer weddings of 2012 geometrical patterns set by embroidered fabric straps. The dress can go down to the ankles or it can stop right where the straps finish their elegant game.

Graphic cuts, excessive bulk, cosmic accessories, these are the features trying to tempt adventurous young girls into an atypical modern marriage. While the traditional type of women can go for lace dresses adorned by large floral details or they can choose to decorate a classical white dress by means of a wide strap on which an exquisite model of brooch lies, with Iris Van Herpen the whole outfit looks like a dragonfly and Jean Paul Gaultier brings a science-fiction touch with the cone shaped vale set on a graphical golden dress.

A Timeless Accessory – Chanel 2.55 Handbag

When it comes to purses, there are a few that remained in history for their exquisite design and the popularity they gained when they first appeared. One of these timeless classics is Chanel 2.55 handbag which is considered a luxury handbag and has been praised by many fashion critics. It was designed in 1920, when Coco Chanel wanted to create something that would be more comfortable to carry around. Until then, handbags were carried in the hand and only workers had straps on their handbags that allowed them to use their hands or carry heavy items. Fortunately, Chanel, who really got her inspiration from everybody around her, managed to create this beautiful handbag that had straps and was much easier to carry around. She got her inspiration from soldier’s bags and managed to develop the finished product in 1929, but it was recreated in 1954, under the name of Chanel 2.55 handbag.

The bag, as you would probably imagine, is well crafted and beautiful with the Chanel classic elements. It has a lot of symbols and elements that make it even more interesting and create nice stories behind this concept. For example, it has a lining of burgundy color which it is said to represent the colors of the uniforms that she used to wear at the convent, where she grew up. There is also the fact that she created a zippered compartment inside the front flap and a lot of people have speculated that it was supposed to be used to carry love letters. Chanel definitely thought about everything a lady needed when creating this handbag. The double shoulder strap was to enhance social activities and make the woman walk freely. Some other features of this beautiful handbag include: having a quilted diamond or herringbone pattern on the exterior, a beautiful lock that was called “the Mademoiselle Lock” and it also seems that the beautiful chains were similar to the ones carried by the caretakers at the convent where she grew up.

There is no doubt that this beautiful handbag is quite a view and it would probably be the perfect accessory when you want to invest in something that can be used for years and years.

Red Carpet Trends at the 84th Oscars Edition

Year after year people wait impatiently for the Oscars’ evening. The reason? Some of them want to find out which movie wins what award, but most of them are dying to see the actresses’ dresses. Some trends could be noticed in 2012.

First of all, long dresses were a common rule. Naturally, one might say, as this is what such a glamorous event requires. However, the actresses did not fail to revel other parts of their body be means of strapless or low-cut dresses. Invited by the Academy Awards to present the Oscar for Best Adapted Screenplay, Angelina Jolie revealed her right leg from under an Atelier Versace black velvet dress.

One could think the Red Carpet became a bridal fashion catwalk from the amount of white dresses to be displayed during this evening. Even Gwyneth Paltrow, who was unanimously voted as having the most impeccable look, was wearing a imaculate white gown by Tom Ford. Other white mermaids enchanted the public’s eyes. The 38 year old Chinese actress and singer Li Bing Bing seemed to have descended from a fairy tale in her Georges Chakra white gown and generously revealing a Lana Marks diamond clutch. The French Berenice Bejo gracefully walked down the Red Carpet in an off-white/green mint dress signed by the famous Lebanese fashion designer Elie Saab. The same signature and the same color choices were made by the sexy Milla Jovovich.

Red was another trend color adopted by those who were not afraid to compete with the carpet. Mischievous and elegant, Michelle Williams made some surprising color combinations: an orange-red Louis Vuitton dress and a pink Bottega Venetta purse. Natalie Portman walked down the red carpet of the Kodak Center in a Dior Haute Couture polka dress. Last year, the pregnant Natalie Portman was picking up her Oscar for Best Actress for her role in Black Swan in a purple dress. This year, she was handing the Best Actor Award in a red vintage style dress with black dots, whose cut recalls the old Hollywood black and the red and black combination, the Roaring Twenties.

Glamour, Sensuality and Challenge – Gucci’s Fall-Winter 2012-2013 Collection

Frida Giannini opened this year’s edition of the Milan Fashion Week with a fall-winter collection characterized by a seductive romanticism. After the geometric lines of her Art Deco summer dresses, the Creative Director of the renowned Italian fashion house now bets on “dramatic sensuality, a dark glamour” and on “subtle games of provocative intellect”, as she herself puts it. The color palette of the collection combines black, olive green, plum and indigo in a multitude of textures.

Soft velvet, tapestry motifs and printed orchids characterize the new collection of the brand. However, this does not mean that the typical winter materials are forgotten. Fur, especially goatling, shearling and mink, leather and brocades are skillfully combined with silk, velvet and chiffon. Black feathers with green iridescences complete the variety of textures displayed this year on the catwalk by Gucci.

The past represents an endless source of inspiration for Frida Giannini. With her, the 70s are never far away. This season the black chiffon peasant blouse is reinterpreted. The spirit of the 19th century English dandies pervades through the masculine silhouettes of Gucci’s black angels whose waistline is marked by a silk belt. The peplum line, present with other collections on the catwalks of New York and London, is not forgotten by the Italian designer who introduces it on a damask framed jacket.

Contrasting elements of style contribute to the provocative glamour of Frida Giannini’s creations. Trousers of a marked equestrian influence enter very refined high-heeled riding boots. Shocking combinations of light and dark tones within floral patterned dresses exacerbate the evening gowns’ very feminine line.

The straight dresses are so tight that they hamper the silhouette with a lot of sensuality. They are discretely adorned with floral velvet inserts or with asymmetric buttons. The latter ones provide the outfit with a military look. The more comfortable alternative to the up-tight elegant dresses comes in form of pajamas velvet pants and mesh tops, covered by oversized jackets.

Pearl Earrings That Never Go Out Of Fashion

Fashion items are meant to bring out your best qualities and complete your look. While some items only go with certain outfits, having a range of fashion items can always make things much easier and you can always try some new combinations which can bring out your own personal style. There are so many fashion items to choose from and every season, we can see new ideas walking down the catwalks of the world’s biggest fashion shows. An interesting fact is that despite the new ideas coming out from the top fashion designers, the classic choices still remain very popular and they keep showing everybody that a good fashion item can easily withstand the test of time. Such a classic item would be a pair of pearl earrings on French wire; something that can easily be matched with almost anything and which deserves its spot on the must-have list.

Earrings are a bit troublesome despite their small size because they can have a huge impact on the way a woman looks. Having flashy accessories can be a sign of bad taste while subtle messages don’t go very well either; it is all about balance and it is this balance that makes it difficult to find the right pair of earrings for certain events. This is part of the reason why a pair of pearl earrings can make for an amazing fashion item, because they look good on any woman no matter the hair style or the outfit. It is one of those items that once you put them one, you never want to take them off.

Despite being very popular, pearl earrings can also be a representation of your unique style. The way you choose to wear them and the combinations you make with your outfit and general look can say a lot about someone. This is another reason why every woman should have such a fashion item which can be as unique as the person wearing them. Finding pearl earrings can be very easy and they aren’t as expensive as some people may think and considering the fact that they never go out of fashion, they are worth every penny.

What To Look For In A Fashionable Purse

A purse can be a great fashion item to have around but it would be wrong to simply say that every purse can work. There are some things which need to be carefully considered when buying a new purse. Granted, the practical part does appeal to a lot of women and it is a big part of the reason why purses are so popular. It can be a great way to make sure that you always have everything you need close by. It can also be very comfortable with options for handles and various pockets both inside and out. There is no doubt that a purse can be the most valuable fashion item in a woman’s wardrobe.

The material can also be very important and the classic purse is a black leather tote. While this choice is a safe one, women nowadays usually tend to buy something unique, something which appeals to them because it shows style and class. For example, a grey wool tote can be an amazing choice. It is a welcomed change from all the black leather models and it can go great with a nice outfit for when you are going out with friends.

The size of this kind of purse isn’t that large but the interior pockets make sure that you can easily sort and organize the small but many objects you will like to take with you. Something like a mobile phone, a wallet, a lipstick and other things can easily fit inside a small purse which you can easily hold in your hand when going out. It can also be a great choice for daytime use when a large handbag isn’t actually necessary.

Last but not least we have the issue with the manufacturer because as we all know, the brand name on the item can mean the difference. When talking about purses, the same rules apply and fashion designers come up with new designs for purses every fashion season so choosing one of these items can be a bit more expensive but fashion is rarely cheap. There are also some models which can be found for less money and which although aren’t the latest hit on the catwalk, they are still a great choice.

Swiss Fake Watches Claim Affordable Luxury

Fake watches have become the talk of online shopping with new stores appearing each day. Quality seems to be a concern amongst customers that although they are not willing to spend the full amount of the authentic model, they are looking for something perfect for just a fraction of the price. Medium quality fake watches possess a lot of similarities with the original watch but the final result is nowhere near. For a plus of quality, mostly in the mechanical area, some stores are offering Swiss fake watches that cost considerably more but some clients say they are worth it.

The interesting thing is that a replica watches are being bought mostly for its aesthetic characteristics and Swiss imitation watches don’t differ that much from Japanese ones; while there might be some slight improvements, a good $200 replica watch looks pretty much the same as a $1000 Swiss fake watch. Manufacturers claim that the true difference is in the movement which is much more precise and reliable. It is still a watch, no matter what brand name it has on it so making sure it can tell time properly can be quite in important concern but the question is if it is worth the extra amount of money. Those that buy fake watches obviously can’t afford an authentic luxury watch so they might be much more willing to buy a decent looking replica watch that might not work as good in order to save money.

On the other hand, Swiss imitation watches are closer to the original both in quality and in price; some consider them as a mid-section for a special group of customers. If this is what the manufacturers have in mind, it might not be such a bad idea and it will help expand the market on a vertical level.

In conclusion, Swiss or Japanese, real or fake, it all comes with a certain price and it is that price that shows their true value. For some, buying an authentic luxury watch is not a real option while others refuse to buy a $100 timepiece with a famous brand on it.