Erin Barr – Freshness in Fashion

Erin Barr is a brand new designer with a fresh approach and absolutely cute outfits. A lot of critics believe that her clothes actually reflect the attitude of the modern woman by combining a traditional style of American outfits with a bit of Parisian touch while keeping them comfortable and useful. So, this is definitely what you always wanted from a fashion piece, to look good and feel good at the same time. With the new collection, Bar managed to create a group of beautiful clothes that not only inspire great elegance but also sophistication. Combine that with a bit of practicality and you have yourself a winner when it comes to modern day clothes.

Erin Barr

 But before going deeper in her great fashion, we should at least talk a bit about her and find out what made her so amazing as a designer and so creative with her clothes. She was born in Wisconsin and began her career in the fashion industry not by being a model or a designer, but by being a hair and make-up artist. So, it is safe to say that she was deeply acquainted with the fashion industry before stepping inside on her own. After graduating the Aveda Institute in Minneapolis she worked in New York for three years at top salons and building up her celebrity clientele. After this amazing period in her life, she decided she would go to London and study to become a designer. She studied fashion design at Central Saint Martin’s college of Art and Design, completing her dream. She finished the second part of her studies at Parson’s School of Design and was noticed and obtained an internship at Alexander Wang and also a job as a design assistant at Cushnie Et Ochs. After that, she managed to create her own brand and debuted in spring 2012 with her beautiful collection titled “An American Tomboy in Paris”. This collection can be described as sexy, luxurious and powerful. She wanted to bring out the masculine power inside a woman and managed to create that by using the most exquisite fabrics. If you are into that style, you should definitely check her out.

Choosing Classic Accessories For Men

Accessories are as important for men as they are for women, but most people tend to forget that aspect and don’t give enough credit to those who really pay attention to this. If you are one of those men who really want to complete their look with great accessories, read the following guide that will help you achieve the trendiest style with the new 2012 accessories trends.

 The first and most important accessory is the belt and belts this season have to be bold, just like all the other elements. But you should also keep an eye on what kind of belt you get and make sure that the belt you will be wearing for something more formal will match your shoes. The best idea here is to buy a few colors of belt for your formal outfits: black, brown and something that will work with other types of outfits such as jeans or pants that are more casual. A bold trend doesn’t mean that you should buy a belt with the head of a lion on the buckle, keep things simple and stand out through minimalism.

Men Belt

 A watch is another important accessory, often overlooked when it comes to combining it with what you wear. You should always get an elegant watch because most of the time a watch will stand out when wearing something formal. There are also in-between watches but you have to make sure that the model is right and it allows you to pull off both the looks, casual and elegant.

 Cuff links are classic accessories and any man should have a pair of cuff links to wear during business meeting or other formal events. Avoid getting weird cuff links with funny images or things like that, those should be kept as a joke between friends, nobody will ever appreciate them during a formal event.

 Luckily for men, there aren’t many classic accessories that they need to change this season and almost all elegant choices are welcome. Just make sure that the accessories you choose to wear can be combined with the outfit you picked and you will surely be trendy.

Why Buy A Fashion Watch?

Fashion watches are definitely becoming a trend nowadays and with all the high end companies trying to show us the best outfits out there, we can’t wait to buy accessories that will manage to match the sophistication and opulence.

There are many types of watches: watches that are well known for their precision among connoisseurs, watches that are well known by the entire population because they managed to have great advertisement campaigns but are also good watches (such as Rolex, Omega, Breitling) and watches that are simply bought because of the way they look. The latter are usually made by fashion houses such as Givenchy, Gucci, Christian Dior, or jewelry houses such as Tiffany, Chopard or Swarovski. The reason why people buy those watches is because they are meant to please the eye. Some might have good mechanism, while others might get broken in just a few months, but this is not why the manufacturers make them as they don’t consider them precision watches. They can also cost a lot which is probably one of the reasons why people buy them and make sure that they make a fashion statement out of it. So, these watches can go up to a few thousand dollars or even more if they are made in limited series.

An interesting thing about these watches is the fact that manufacturers will use a lot more precious materials in their making, since they are supposed to be fashion items. You will always see diamonds, sapphires and precious metals on a fashion watch and their designs are usually beautifully made. Most fashion houses might pair up with  a good watch company to create really good watches that work well and also look amazing; these are obviously even more expensive and they are usually concept watches or they are sold to just a selected group of people. However, they might also make short series that are available for the whole population, but those usually cost a lot too and end up being sold out very fast so that people can ultimately sell them during auctions with double or triple their initial price.

If you like to wear beautiful watches that look more like bracelets than watches, a fashion watch is definitely the right choice for you.

Fashion Items For Small Framed Women

If you are one of those petite girls you probably find it pretty difficult to find clothes that will fit you and look good. Unfortunately, most brands make clothes that would look amazing on extremely long bodies without taking into consideration the fact that the population is also made of average or petite women.  Being one of the exceptions is definitely annoying but here are some tips on how to get the best fashion items for your frame.

When it comes to tops you need to buy those who are not very short or very long, just the right size. In this case “just the rise size” is about your thigh, a few inches under your hip bone. Anything that is longer or shorter than that would make you look even smaller and you definitely don’t want that. Another important thing is to never get clothes that are too tight or too loose, because that will also be counterproductive when you want to give the impression that you are a bit taller. Even if you don’t find tops your size, the best thing you can do is have a tailor that would usually modify the clothes for you so that they are fit.

When choosing fashion items like jeans, you will have to be very carefully again. You will have to make sure that the pants you buy will fit you perfectly. Don’t go for loose pants, no matter how trendy they are, they are definitely for women who have longer legs and you don’t want to look even smaller. Straight pants or even wide pants are great, you can even wear slim pants if your legs are slim, otherwise you should avoid them because they make you look smaller and your legs will look huge.

When it comes to skirts and dresses you have to make sure that you don’t wear things that are too short or too long. Those that reach your knee are absolutely perfect because they make you look longer. Avoid going above the knee as your legs will look shorter if you wear something really short.

Essential Handbag Styles

Women are absolutely obsessed with handbags and they can never have too many. However, some of these fashion items are essential to have around so that you can change them according to your outfit. Let’s see what styles and types of bags are best to keep around and how you can use them in the best way possible.

The Above Average in Size Clutch

This type of clutch handbag is absolutely great for a night out with your friends when you need a bit more room to carry a few things around. It’s also perfect for a date as you can keep your phone and your makeup so that you can refresh it every time you get the chance. Make sure that it is in a neutral color if you are the type of person who wears a more minimalistic style, but you can go wild with red or blue if you want to impress with your cool accessory.

A Tote Bag For Every Occasion

The tote bag is one of the most versatile handbags and also the easiest to carry around. However, you will have to invest in a high quality one, perhaps one made out of leather or a more durable material. This way you can wear your tote handbag without worrying that it gets worn out. Make sure that it is a bit bigger because if you are going to wear it every day you should be able to put a lot of things inside. Actually, why not get one that fits your laptop perfect and manage to use it in the best way possible to carry heavy things throughout the day and lose your unattractive laptop case.

A Big Carry-All Handbag

If you want to go to the gym, shopping with your friends or on the beach, the big bag will definitely come in handy. Make sure that it’s made of fabric to give it a casual style and that fabric is sturdy enough for you to carry a lot. It should come in a colorful color if you want a bit of sunshine on your outfit.

Must Have Fashion Items For Autumn

It seems that a lot of fashion houses have started showing their collection for fall. There are quite a lot of common elements when it comes to all of these fashion items that you will be wearing this fall. One of the common elements is power, as they have been showing powerful looking women with very sophisticated items.  There also seems to be a season that will be marked by opulence and exquisite accessories. Also, we will be seeing quite a lot of accessories that are extremely ostentatious, this being another thing that most fashion houses had in common, but let’s see what the main fashion items you want to buy for autumn.

A grey dress or a grey two pieces outfit – grey seems to be the new black and it’s the color that has been incorporated in the most elegant styles. However, don’t forget to avoid making it dull by adding colorful accessories or other pieces of clothing that will make you stand out.

A classic style trench coat – if you are a fan of old movies you will know exactly what we mean when we say this. However, avoid the colors that were used back then and opt for neutral colors like beige or tan. You have to choose something that doesn’t look dull but also can be combined with a lot of other colors so tan or beige trench coat is the best option. There have been a lot of combinations on the runways including trench coats combined with boots and skirts or pants so this is definitely a must have fashion item.

Blazer – when it comes to elegance, the blazer seems to be one of the most common fashion items on the runway for this fall. It’s a classic element and so are the rest of the fashion items mentioned in this article; however, you don’t have to get any type of blazer, but a Chanel type of blazer. When we mean Chanel we are referring to the style that made her famous, the navy style blazer so opt for a blue blazer. Actually blue is a pretty common color the next season but it was pretty trendy throughout this year so you can still wear the clothes you bought last year.

Always Trendy Fashion Items – Flared Jeans

The flared jeans are inspired from the hippie movement in the 70s; they are the types of fashion items that look amazing despite the type of body. What’s best about the flared jeans is the fact that the runway shows have been starting to show flared jeans in the following season, so here are a few tips on how, why and when to wear these amazing fashion items.

Always make sure that the flare of your jeans is an appropriate one, as you don’t want to exaggerate when it comes to this part. Even if they are flared jeans, the extreme flares are definitely not flattering. So make sure that you measure that part before you buy them.

These types of jeans are amazing for women who have narrow hips and those who are taller and want to look more petite. However, if you are short, you should avoid this type of jeans or at least try to keep the flares to a minimum, because they tend to make women appear shorter and you definitely don’t want that.

The great thing about flared jeans is the fact that they can be combined with any types of shoes; there are absolutely no limitations when it comes to shoes. They work great with wedges, stilettoes, sports shoes, flat shoes, sandals, etc. This is one of the reasons why anybody should have a pair of flared jeans in their wardrobe. If you want to go for a cute 70s look, get some peachy makeup, a lot of mascara and some wedges with your flared jeans.

These jeans also work amazing for women who want to balance their body shape and have skinny legs. They make your legs a little bigger and you will manage to achieve symmetry between the upper part of your body and your legs.

If you get the chance, always buy two pairs of flared jeans, one that is washed because you may want to have a casual urban look and another one that is simple and has a darker color for those days when you want to go casual-elegant.

Great stores for flared jeans:

Hot Fashion Items – Summer Dresses

There’s something about summer dresses that makes women look amazingly feminine and they are also easier to wear than other fashion accessories, especially if you live in an area where the weather is hotter.

Faux Two Pieces dress – this amazing fashion item doesn’t look like a dress, it usually looks like you are wearing a skirt and a blouse. The amazing thing about this is the fact that the two pieces will actually enhance your body parts differently. This is where you can combine colors according to the things you like most about your body. If you have a pattern on the lower part of your dress and a simple color on the top part, you will enhance your lower part and vice versa. It’s an amazing fashion item that can be worn by women with all types of figures and that’s why it can even be considered a classic. It doesn’t even have to be made from two different pieces that have different colors or patterns, here you can get a simpler dress that will just look amazing and very elegant.

The White Simple Dress – This dress will always be in style so it’s definitely one of those fashion items you will be able to wear for a long time. A simple dress that goes to your knee made from natural materials like cotton or hemp will feel amazing during summer and will also keep your body cool. It will also look extremely elegant and goes really well with a set of pearls or, if you are a bit more daring, colorful accessories that will give your whole outfit more color.

Sleeveless dress – this dress is perfect to wear when you go swimming, just over your bathing suit or even when you go out. It’s the perfect dress to take with you on vacation and it’s another one of those fashion items that never goes old. Make sure that you choose a colorful one, summer dresses are always colorful and they look amazing with a tanned skin. Also, this dress will keep you cool as there isn’t a lot of material that covers your body.

Swing Trousers – Get Your Party Outfit On

While everybody is wearing tight pants and skinny jeans, perhaps you want to be different and wear something really interesting like swing trousers. You might know what these are if you like old movies as they were a great hit in the 40s. They are also extremely comfortable and you might even enjoy wearing them even when you are trying to make a fashion statement.

Swing trousers can be described as tight on the waist and hips but flare on the leg. They are great for warm weather especially if they are made from materials like hemp or cotton that keep you cool. But if you don’t need something for warm weather there are also different types of pants that are suitable for office even during the colder season. They can look amazing if you have a great body so they are not suitable for women who have problems with their weight because they will enhance their hips, bottom and abdomen. If your legs are a bit thick but you have a beautiful waist, they are the perfect pants to wear as you will look absolutely amazing and hide your legs in the most elegant manner.

You can easily combine swing trousers with tight tops and even elegant shirts for an office look. When it comes to shoes, it’s a more delicate subject. Trousers that are flare on the legs may look a little bit weird with stilettos so avoid wearing those. An orthopedic heel is more appropriate and more comfortable which is exactly what this whole look is about. Also, you can wear flat shoes as long as the pants are not too long but avoid wearing sports shoes or something similar because they simply don’t fit. Although swing trousers are meant to be casual, sport footwear is not compatible with them at all so don’t make that mistake.

These pants are perfect for any age and any type of activity such as every day wear and even at the club with your friends if you wear a sexy top and accessorize them beautifully. All you need is to feel comfortable with yourself, that’s what the pants are for.

Sport-Chic Trends of the 2012 Summer

According to the current trends, sportwear can become daily outfits and chic style is reinvented through luxury accessories. Zippers, short tights,loose T-shirts, bermudas, overalls, comfortable pants with big pockets, lightweight materials and accented colors are emphasized even though they are normally worn in the gym. Women have been wearing sweatpants or gray hooded sweatshirts only for sport or to go to the gym.

You don’t dare to put on the neon chromatic tones? You should know that this is the big trend of this year’s hot season and more importantly, it goes perfectly with a sportswear look or with a casual chic one. Forget the old dark jogging and white T-shirts, this year’s sporty woman has a flashy look. Do you like colored tights? Then it is advisable to combine them with skirts.

Bet on accessories! A turquoise purse, a pink or fluorescent orange bracelet or high heeled sandals will complete your sporty chic outfit.Short pants go very well with a pair of elegant sandals. Don’t forget that color bands are still considered stylish accessories. They are printed on sportswear, but if you want to be in line with the latest trends, it is better to wear them with a parka and a cotton skirt.

If you are afraid of overdoing it, do not panic. Avoid the total sport look and play with white clothes. For instance, neon pink shorts will partner perfectly with a white tank top and vice versa. You can combine sport trousers with a jacket, but make sure you replace your sports shoes with a pair of platform sandals and to pick a more brilliant and elegant top. The fur jacket can be worn to go sking, but it can also be worn with a pair of cotton slacks and laced shoes.