Kimora Lee Simmons – When Beautiful Means Unique

Kimora Lee Simons may not be as known in the media as most fashion models but she is definitely popular in the industry.  Her unique ethnicity has made it extremely famous among other high fashion industry people as she is of Korean and African American descent.

A lot of models were bullied during their childhood and adolescence due to their unique appearance and their height and Kimora was no stranger to this as she suffered a lot of social oppression during her upbringing. But fortunately for her, she got her first modeling contract at a very early age because of her unique features. At 13 she started working for Chanel so her popularity rose very fast, not only because she was beautiful but also because she was very talented.  Just like most fashion models, her career didn’t stop at modeling and she took control of Phat Fashions, a fashion line formerly managed by Russell Simmons, her current husband. They have two daughters together and their relationship has been on and off in the last couple of years.

But her success didn’t stop at being a CEO and an important fashion model, she is also a writer, authoring a book called Fabulosity: What It Is and How to Get It, a self-help book with life tips in all fields. She also had roles in television and films and is one of the judges on some of the seasons of famous TV show America’s Next Top Model. She left Baby Phat in 2010 and is now the Creative Director and President of JustFabulous. She is also known for her beautiful perfumes as she launched five fragrances in her career. Other design projects include a low cost fashion line and a KLS collection in the future.

She is also interested in promoting young women and created Kimora Lee Simmons Scholarship Fund to help women with finances for their academic studies. She is involved in a lot of philanthropic organizations such as Amfar, The G&P Foundation, Keep a Child Alive and Rush philanthropic and she is one of the most active celebrities in this area.

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