Hippie Look For Summer

Since this spring and summer, colorful looks are practically the trend stars, a hippie approach to your outfit seems to be the perfect thing. Hippie movement started during the mid 60’s in America and it was a subculture that embraced all types of liberty that was symbolized by various types of music and drugs use. But, besides these alternative philosophical approaches to life, they also had a personal and unique way to dress. Their clothes had weird and abstract patterns, they were very comfortable and extremely colorful. Also, they wore handmade accessories that were remarkable for their colors and overall design.

The first thing you need to concentrate on is their clothing; if you want to achieve the hippie look, all you need is a few types of clothing. Denim is one of the main things that were used by hippies, both men and women. Faded denim jeans that are flare were one of the key elements in hippie clothing. Also, some women used long skirts, very colorful and different types of ethnic blouses that were meant to symbolize a fusion between cultures. The same went for shoes, which were often sandals or something extremely comfortable, although most of them opted to go barefoot.


Jewelry has the same elements as clothing when it comes to colors and design. Most of the hippies made their own jewelry and some of them even lived by making different types of handmade things. Colorful bead necklaces and bracelets are essential for a hippie look and they were the main type of decoration. However, you can also use feathers or different types of beads, even figurines to create a unique necklace that you can wear when you want to go with the hippie trend.

Women wore their hair braided, which is a main trend this year so you can go for that look also. Most of them, however, just wore their hair loose in an effortless look.

A hippie look is definitely a great way to approach this year trends as they combine the colorful bold colors with the beautiful accessories, but also classic elements such as denim.

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