Gareth Pugh

Certain fashion designers are more daring on the runway than others. This is the case with Gareth Pugh, whose looks amaze by their originality as they do not limit themselves to thoroughly thought make-up. The young British fashion designer always comes with experimental, highly improbable looks, placing himself on the same line with Martin Margiela, Junya Watanabe and Viktor & Rolf.

Gareth Pugh

Pure experimentation at the beginning, Gareth Pugh’s creations have become increasingly wearable over the years. The inflatable creations of his first show for the all-Winter season of 2006 or the helmets and armor he introduced on the catwalks in the spring-summer collections of 2007 were much closer to the world of role playing than to fashion and haut couture. Yet, the certainly strange silhouettes stood out like a breath of fresh air.

Over the years, Gareth Pugh has made his way in the fashion field. The models parading on his catwalks are no longer strange creatures. Their humanoid figure is now clearly defined: they are the ambassadors of a style that puts fashion items in the same range with works of art. Loyal to his cuts and to his basic colors (white, black, silver), he offers after a few seasons more consensual clothes, although still tinged with medieval influence, as evidenced by his first Paris fashion show for spring-summer of 2009. As one more proof that he joined the line of great fashion designers Gareth Pugh revisited the famous little black dress for fall-winter season of 2009 -an almost exclusively black, with stringent cuts collection.

The following year, the lines are structured to the point of turning coats into beetles’ shells. Gareth Pugh finds the background on which to draw geometric lines. Once again, the creator leaves little room for the model’s silhouette. Just like Issey Miyake’s work is inspired by origami, Gareth Pugh’s creations take as much from sculpture as from haut couture. Last year’s collection of spring-summer combines the fundamentals of the house (rigidity and op-art patterns) in a unique lightness brought along ​​by fine draped fabrics. All the items have a common feature – the total absence of visible detail (button, pocket, zip) confirming the futuristic looks promoted by the designer.

Wiser than at his experimental beginnings, Gareth Pugh does not cease amazing his fans as his creations become more mature while confirming a strongly personal style. Worn by celebrities like Kylie Minogue, his fashion items are sold all over the world.

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