Fashion Items For Small Framed Women

If you are one of those petite girls you probably find it pretty difficult to find clothes that will fit you and look good. Unfortunately, most brands make clothes that would look amazing on extremely long bodies without taking into consideration the fact that the population is also made of average or petite women.  Being one of the exceptions is definitely annoying but here are some tips on how to get the best fashion items for your frame.

When it comes to tops you need to buy those who are not very short or very long, just the right size. In this case “just the rise size” is about your thigh, a few inches under your hip bone. Anything that is longer or shorter than that would make you look even smaller and you definitely don’t want that. Another important thing is to never get clothes that are too tight or too loose, because that will also be counterproductive when you want to give the impression that you are a bit taller. Even if you don’t find tops your size, the best thing you can do is have a tailor that would usually modify the clothes for you so that they are fit.

When choosing fashion items like jeans, you will have to be very carefully again. You will have to make sure that the pants you buy will fit you perfectly. Don’t go for loose pants, no matter how trendy they are, they are definitely for women who have longer legs and you don’t want to look even smaller. Straight pants or even wide pants are great, you can even wear slim pants if your legs are slim, otherwise you should avoid them because they make you look smaller and your legs will look huge.

When it comes to skirts and dresses you have to make sure that you don’t wear things that are too short or too long. Those that reach your knee are absolutely perfect because they make you look longer. Avoid going above the knee as your legs will look shorter if you wear something really short.

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