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Hot Fashion Items – Summer Dresses

There’s something about summer dresses that makes women look amazingly feminine and they are also easier to wear than other fashion accessories, especially if you live in an area where the weather is hotter. Faux Two Pieces dress – this amazing fashion item doesn’t look like a dress, it usually looks like you are wearing […]

Swing Trousers – Get Your Party Outfit On

While everybody is wearing tight pants and skinny jeans, perhaps you want to be different and wear something really interesting like swing trousers. You might know what these are if you like old movies as they were a great hit in the 40s. They are also extremely comfortable and you might even enjoy wearing them […]

Sport-Chic Trends of the 2012 Summer

According to the current trends, sportwear can become daily outfits and chic style is reinvented through luxury accessories. Zippers, short tights,loose T-shirts, bermudas, overalls, comfortable pants with big pockets, lightweight materials and accented colors are emphasized even though they are normally worn in the gym. Women have been wearing sweatpants or gray hooded sweatshirts only […]

Sleeveless Shirts – Casual And Elegant

Have you ever wanted something that will offer you versatility along with a comfortable feel? If the answer to this question is yes, you should probably try to wear a sleeveless shirt. These shirts are great when you want to feel comfortable but also want to achieve a sort of sophisticated look, especially during the […]

Small Hairpins With A Big Role

A fashion item can be something big as a trench coat or something as small as a ring, size doesn’t matter when it comes to fashion; the only thing that matters is style. Sometimes, even the smallest item can make all the difference in the world. With this idea in mind, let’s take a look […]

Pea Coat – Classic Fashion From The Navy

The pea coat has become quite the fashion item lately being one of the top choices for men when it comes to an autumn/winter outfit. Although it is now a fashionable must, the pea coat started as a clothing item worn by European sailors used to protect them from the strong winds and rough conditions. […]

The Wedding Gowns Trends for 2012

Floral patterns, embedded with crystal, long or short, this year’s wedding gowns are romantic and chic. This summer, the embroidered flowers are worn sparingly to provide a countryside picnic atmosphere or, on the contrary, abundantly for a total look of garden party. No matter which of the two options is chosen, they appear on all […]