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Asymmetric Dress

After the asymmetric tops, the diagonal goes down to women’s dresses and skirts. Asymmetric dresses come in two forms: on one side, left or right revealing a leg, at least up to the knee and the front-back type, which looks a bit like a train in the back and a miniskirt in the frontal part. […]

Hippie Look For Summer

Since this spring and summer, colorful looks are practically the trend stars, a hippie approach to your outfit seems to be the perfect thing. Hippie movement started during the mid 60’s in America and it was a subculture that embraced all types of liberty that was symbolized by various types of music and drugs use. […]

Wearing a Microskirt

Miniskirts have been around and about since the 60s and probably all women had one at one point in their life. A typical mini skirt is a skirt that has the line above the knee and usually halfway up the thighs. But there have been modifications to this since it appeared and skirts became shorter […]

Fashion Items Worth Investing In

There will always be those fashion items that should be bought for a few more dollars than usual clothes because you want them to last longer. Here is a list of things you shouldn’t spare money on when you get the chance to buy something that is high quality because they really last for a long time.

Shoes – when buying a high quality piece of shoes you shouldn’t look at the price, unless it’s something outrageous. Usually, really good shoes are those that are handmade or from a company that has years of training in this direction; that doesn’t mean getting them from a high end brand. You can buy really good custom shoes even if they are more expensive because they will last a long time. Actually, if you take good care of them you can have them for over a decade. Make sure, however, that you get a classic design when it comes to the style, because you won’t be able to wear them for a long time.

chanel bag

Handbags – a tote handbag or a clutch handbag will never go out of fashion so when you find something made out of good leather that costs a bit too much you can easily buy it and it will also last for a long time. The same rules apply for handbags like they apply for shoes, as long as you take care of them, they can last for a really long time.

Classic Dress – As long as you keep the same body weight a classic dress can be worn for years. You just have to keep it in a good environment and make sure that you don’t overly wash it and it can also last for years. So, investing in a more expensive dress should be a good solution for when you want to buy something that is high quality.

Belts and Jewelry – it’s safe to say that a leather high quality belt will last for years. The same goes for jewelry, which can last for generations if they are properly kept, so you can spend more money on these items without worrying that they might damage with time.

Fashion Items For A Country Style

Whether you have a big hobby for shooting or you simply want to obtain that country girl look, this guide will definitely give you an idea on what fashion items to choose to make that right.

The country style is definitely a timeless style and it’s a perfect way to dress for a night out with your friends or a walk in the park. It is also extremely comfortable and will look perfect on any type of body.  Here are the fashion items you will need to obtain this cool look.

The country shirt – we all know what this means and this shirt is that patterned shirt that will always be in style no matter what. A cool country shirt is the best way to make sure that you stay hip and comfortable. Add a pair of jeans and you are ready to go to Rodeo with your friends and party all night. Also, throw a sleeveless jacket over it and you will get that perfect country look.

Jeans – if we mentioned jeans in the previous section, we have to mention them here. Country jeans however, are not any type of jeans. You have to make sure that you either wear flare jeans or straight jeans. You won’t be having a country look if you choose tight slim jeans, that style is simply an urban jeans style. Blue should be the way to go as it is the classic look and if you want to maintain the style even more, a light shade of blue that is a little washed off is the perfect option.

Shoes – when it comes to shoes everybody knows that a country look has to have boots. If you don’t want boots you can wear some mountain sports shoes, but boots are the way to go if you are planning to go out with your friends to a bar.

Accessories – there are various accessories that you can use to make your look even more authentic: you can use a country hat, a scarf and even some cool colorful accessories country women usually wear. It’s all up to you and how you want to be perceived.

Cool Pumps For Your Outfits

When it comes to shoes, women love having various styles available where they can choose from. One of the most versatile and easy to wear shoes is pumps style. Pumps can be incredibly elegant and they make women’s legs look extremely beautiful and long, so if you want something that not only enhances your style but also the way you look, pumps are the way to go.

pumps style shoes

The best colors when it comes to buying pumps is black, because you can wear it with almost anything. Another cool color that you can choose, especially if you want to stand out, is red. Red pumps will definitely look good in a club when you are wearing something sexy. Another cool color is a neutral beige or a creamy color that will work absolutely amazing with a light outfit. These are classic colors, but if you are the type of person who likes wearing colorful accessories and items, you can definitely choose another color. Also, if you have a favorite color, you will surely find pumps that have that color. Another great way to wear weird colors is by adding them to your shoes, so if there’s something you’d like to wear but you are reluctant to buy a piece of clothing that has that particular color, pumps are again, the way to go about this.

Classically, pumps have high heels. However, you can opt for shorter heels if you don’t feel comfortable with a certain type of length. Make sure that you feel comfortable in your shoes, and that should be the main reason why you buy them because you might end up with a bunch of medical issues if you don’t wear things properly.

When it comes to styles, there aren’t many to choose from, which actually make this type of shoe a timeless item. Also, don’t forget to make sure that you buy high quality items, especially when it comes to shoes. Even if you will have to pay a bit more, a pair of high quality shoes won’t damage your feet and it will feel much better than cheaper shoes.

Choosing Classic Accessories For Men

Accessories are as important for men as they are for women, but most people tend to forget that aspect and don’t give enough credit to those who really pay attention to this. If you are one of those men who really want to complete their look with great accessories, read the following guide that will help you achieve the trendiest style with the new 2012 accessories trends.

The first and most important accessory is the belt and belts this season have to be bold, just like all the other elements. But you should also keep an eye on what kind of belt you get and make sure that the belt you will be wearing for something more formal will match your shoes. The best idea here is to buy a few colors of belt for your formal outfits: black, brown and something that will work with other types of outfits such as jeans or pants that are more casual. A bold trend doesn’t mean that you should buy a belt with the head of a lion on the buckle, keep things simple and stand out through minimalism.

Men Belt

A watch is another important accessory, often overlooked when it comes to combining it with what you wear. You should always get an elegant watch because most of the time a watch will stand out when wearing something formal. There are also in-between watches but you have to make sure that the model is right and it allows you to pull off both the looks, casual and elegant.

Cuff links are classic accessories and any man should have a pair of cuff links to wear during business meeting or other formal events. Avoid getting weird cuff links with funny images or things like that, those should be kept as a joke between friends, nobody will ever appreciate them during a formal event.

Luckily for men, there aren’t many classic accessories that they need to change this season and almost all elegant choices are welcome. Just make sure that the accessories you choose to wear can be combined with the outfit you picked and you will surely be trendy.

Fashion Items For Small Framed Women

If you are one of those petite girls you probably find it pretty difficult to find clothes that will fit you and look good. Unfortunately, most brands make clothes that would look amazing on extremely long bodies without taking into consideration the fact that the population is also made of average or petite women.  Being […]

Must Have Fashion Items For Autumn

It seems that a lot of fashion houses have started showing their collection for fall. There are quite a lot of common elements when it comes to all of these fashion items that you will be wearing this fall. One of the common elements is power, as they have been showing powerful looking women with […]

Always Trendy Fashion Items – Flared Jeans

The flared jeans are inspired from the hippie movement in the 70s; they are the types of fashion items that look amazing despite the type of body. What’s best about the flared jeans is the fact that the runway shows have been starting to show flared jeans in the following season, so here are a […]