Bad Experience

I am the kind of customer that tests the market before actually taking the decision of buying from a certain company, especially if it is an online based company. And this is what I did. I run several researches on the web and with friends and family to see who the most trustworthy seller is. But I guess you really can’t trust a seller in this line of business. A company that sells replicas will always be a risky choice.

This site seemed to be very decent and honest. I received very good feedback from the customer care department. They have always answered my inquiries very promptly and very politely. I was under the impression that I was dealing with an experienced respectful dealer and at that time I was extremely pleased with the whole online shopping experience. Everything went smooth, very smooth until my order was submitted. After the order went through everything changed. First, the products I have ordered were not available. They did not have it in stock and asked me to choose other models instead. I felt forced to browse the website for hours and hours trying to find something else that would suit my expectations. I must say that I didn’t like anything else, but I have selected a couple of watches just to get this over with. At that point I’ve started having doubts about going through with the order, but I continued the whole tiresome process because they still had my money and I was afraid of losing both the money and the products.

They took a very long time to ship the order. I’ve waited for 13 days before they actually shipped it. A tracking number was provided, but it didn’t work from the start and when it worked the information updated very slowly. You could only imagine the thoughts that tormented me. That it was all just a fraud. That I was scammed. No products. No money back. Nothing.

After almost two weeks of tracking the package several times a day I finally receive the order. The surprises continued. I unwrapped the watches from the ton of bubble wrap and paper only to discover that one was severely scratched and the other had the second hand lose inside the dial.


After a month of waiting I got two broken watches. I had no use for these. It was clear to me that the products were defective before the shipping took place. It was impossible to damage the watches with the amount of bubble wrap they had all over.

The customer care department was still responsive, but not as helpful as before. I was given the choice of sending them back for repairs. It seemed a process that implied additional costs and more time waiting to receive cheap crafted products so I decided to give it a rest. I abandoned the whole idea of buying replicas, especially online. I have decided that from now on I will only go with the real thing and pay my hard earned money only to buy quality and the respect I deserve from the provider. I do not recommend them to anyone. I recommend that you buy original products from an authorized dealer.

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