Asymmetric Dress

After the asymmetric tops, the diagonal goes down to women’s dresses and skirts. Asymmetric dresses come in two forms: on one side, left or right revealing a leg, at least up to the knee and the front-back type, which looks a bit like a train in the back and a miniskirt in the frontal part.

We could think at first sight that these asymmetric dresses and skirts are too elegant, especially because of the train. However, they can be worn during the day as well as in the evening. It all depends on the texture. Thus, you can keep the glitz and glitter for the evening as a simple cotton wing will produce enough effect during the day.

The same dress or skirt can very well be a part both of your winter and of your summer wardrobe. During the cold season, you can wear it with leggings, preferably black if you want to take fewer risks. For those who are more adventurous in style, colored tights are also an option. In this case, your tights must be the only touch of color within your outfit, especially if they are flashy (yellow, green, red or pink). They will place the focus on your legs that emerge from a monochromatic outfit.

These asymmetric dresses and skirts will certainly not go with low heeled shoes. Therefore, forget about your comfortable ballet flats or sneakers if you want to make the most of this modern and chic outfit. In point of style, you can reinforce the little opera rat effect these fashion items bring along by matching it with a tight top or a leotard. A perfectly molding pull will have the same effect during winter.

However, if you are not the daring type, do not go for this type of dresses and skirts as they will only look good on you if you wear them with style and self-confidence.

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