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Swiss Fake Watches Claim Affordable Luxury

Fake watches have become the talk of online shopping with new stores appearing each day. Quality seems to be a concern amongst customers that although they are not willing to spend the full amount of the authentic model, they are looking for something perfect for just a fraction of the price. Medium quality fake watches […]

Kimora Lee Simmons – When Beautiful Means Unique

Kimora Lee Simons may not be as known in the media as most fashion models but she is definitely popular in the industry.  Her unique ethnicity has made it extremely famous among other high fashion industry people as she is of Korean and African American descent. A lot of models were bullied during their childhood […]

When Shoes Become a Work of Art

If it is a certainty that the shoes are primarily created for walking purposes, the Israeli designer Kobi Levi prefers to transform them into works of art. He makes with his own hands wearable sculptures in his studio in Tel Aviv. But what is Lady Gaga waiting for? Coffee flowing down stiletto heels, colorful birds […]

Past Inspiration Trends in Jewelry

Back to religion with Dolce & Gabbana The two Italian fashion designers delight us each season with trendy clothes and accessories inspired from the depths of their native culture.  The Italian duo brought the first Dolce & Gabbana jewelry line. A touch of extravagance and passion, this collection brings crucifix shaped earrings adorned with rosettes […]