A Timeless Accessory – Chanel 2.55 Handbag

When it comes to purses, there are a few that remained in history for their exquisite design and the popularity they gained when they first appeared. One of these timeless classics is Chanel 2.55 handbag which is considered a luxury handbag and has been praised by many fashion critics. It was designed in 1920, when Coco Chanel wanted to create something that would be more comfortable to carry around. Until then, handbags were carried in the hand and only workers had straps on their handbags that allowed them to use their hands or carry heavy items. Fortunately, Chanel, who really got her inspiration from everybody around her, managed to create this beautiful handbag that had straps and was much easier to carry around. She got her inspiration from soldier’s bags and managed to develop the finished product in 1929, but it was recreated in 1954, under the name of Chanel 2.55 handbag.

The bag, as you would probably imagine, is well crafted and beautiful with the Chanel classic elements. It has a lot of symbols and elements that make it even more interesting and create nice stories behind this concept. For example, it has a lining of burgundy color which it is said to represent the colors of the uniforms that she used to wear at the convent, where she grew up. There is also the fact that she created a zippered compartment inside the front flap and a lot of people have speculated that it was supposed to be used to carry love letters. Chanel definitely thought about everything a lady needed when creating this handbag. The double shoulder strap was to enhance social activities and make the woman walk freely. Some other features of this beautiful handbag include: having a quilted diamond or herringbone pattern on the exterior, a beautiful lock that was called “the Mademoiselle Lock” and it also seems that the beautiful chains were similar to the ones carried by the caretakers at the convent where she grew up.

There is no doubt that this beautiful handbag is quite a view and it would probably be the perfect accessory when you want to invest in something that can be used for years and years.

Asymmetric Dress

After the asymmetric tops, the diagonal goes down to women’s dresses and skirts. Asymmetric dresses come in two forms: on one side, left or right revealing a leg, at least up to the knee and the front-back type, which looks a bit like a train in the back and a miniskirt in the frontal part.

We could think at first sight that these asymmetric dresses and skirts are too elegant, especially because of the train. However, they can be worn during the day as well as in the evening. It all depends on the texture. Thus, you can keep the glitz and glitter for the evening as a simple cotton wing will produce enough effect during the day.

The same dress or skirt can very well be a part both of your winter and of your summer wardrobe. During the cold season, you can wear it with leggings, preferably black if you want to take fewer risks. For those who are more adventurous in style, colored tights are also an option. In this case, your tights must be the only touch of color within your outfit, especially if they are flashy (yellow, green, red or pink). They will place the focus on your legs that emerge from a monochromatic outfit.

These asymmetric dresses and skirts will certainly not go with low heeled shoes. Therefore, forget about your comfortable ballet flats or sneakers if you want to make the most of this modern and chic outfit. In point of style, you can reinforce the little opera rat effect these fashion items bring along by matching it with a tight top or a leotard. A perfectly molding pull will have the same effect during winter.

However, if you are not the daring type, do not go for this type of dresses and skirts as they will only look good on you if you wear them with style and self-confidence.

Elegant Women’s Watches

Elegant watches are not hard to find and they usually come in various designs: we have timeless elegant watches that usually have the classy style, the trendy elegant watches that come with various trendy elements depending on the season, and the glamour watches that usually come with more opulent designs.

Classy Watches

A classy elegant watch like the one in the picture from Corona Watches is basically timeless. It can be worn regardless of the ever-changing trends and it can even be a great thing to pass on the children or grandchildren. They are the perfect gift to celebrate a special occasion, and can really impress considering that they are more expensive than your average watch. Another great thing about classy watches is that they are very recognizable and are very easy to find, weather you’re buying them from a store or online shopping.

Trendy  Watches:

A trendy watch from this category is perfect if you want something more unique, something that can be instantly recognized and something that can be assorted with the latest fashion items. If your girlfriend, wife or daughter is into fashion, and is always dressing to the latest trends then you can’t go wrong with a trendy elegant watch as a gift. Another great thing about these watches is that they are usually cheaper than classy watches and they come in a more varied offer.

Glamour Watches

Glamour watches have always been a controversial accessory. They are by far the most expensive item in this list but may not always be appreciated some people considering them way too opulent or even kitsch. Usually coming with precious stones or materials these watches can be great at a classy gala, maybe the opera but simply can’t be worn on a day to day basis.

When trying to buy an elegant women’s watch always remember that the budget makes the difference. Sure there are a great deal of watches out there for every budget some that offer a good classical design while other offer a modern day to day watch design so there’s something for everyone as long as you have the right taste and budget.

Bad Experience

I am the kind of customer that tests the market before actually taking the decision of buying from a certain company, especially if it is an online based company. And this is what I did. I run several researches on the web and with friends and family to see who the most trustworthy seller is. But I guess you really can’t trust a seller in this line of business. A company that sells replicas will always be a risky choice.

This site seemed to be very decent and honest. I received very good feedback from the customer care department. They have always answered my inquiries very promptly and very politely. I was under the impression that I was dealing with an experienced respectful dealer and at that time I was extremely pleased with the whole online shopping experience. Everything went smooth, very smooth until my order was submitted. After the order went through everything changed. First, the products I have ordered were not available. They did not have it in stock and asked me to choose other models instead. I felt forced to browse the website for hours and hours trying to find something else that would suit my expectations. I must say that I didn’t like anything else, but I have selected a couple of watches just to get this over with. At that point I’ve started having doubts about going through with the order, but I continued the whole tiresome process because they still had my money and I was afraid of losing both the money and the products.

They took a very long time to ship the order. I’ve waited for 13 days before they actually shipped it. A tracking number was provided, but it didn’t work from the start and when it worked the information updated very slowly. You could only imagine the thoughts that tormented me. That it was all just a fraud. That I was scammed. No products. No money back. Nothing.

After almost two weeks of tracking the package several times a day I finally receive the order. The surprises continued. I unwrapped the watches from the ton of bubble wrap and paper only to discover that one was severely scratched and the other had the second hand lose inside the dial.


After a month of waiting I got two broken watches. I had no use for these. It was clear to me that the products were defective before the shipping took place. It was impossible to damage the watches with the amount of bubble wrap they had all over.

The customer care department was still responsive, but not as helpful as before. I was given the choice of sending them back for repairs. It seemed a process that implied additional costs and more time waiting to receive cheap crafted products so I decided to give it a rest. I abandoned the whole idea of buying replicas, especially online. I have decided that from now on I will only go with the real thing and pay my hard earned money only to buy quality and the respect I deserve from the provider. I do not recommend them to anyone. I recommend that you buy original products from an authorized dealer.

Gareth Pugh

Certain fashion designers are more daring on the runway than others. This is the case with Gareth Pugh, whose looks amaze by their originality as they do not limit themselves to thoroughly thought make-up. The young British fashion designer always comes with experimental, highly improbable looks, placing himself on the same line with Martin Margiela, Junya Watanabe and Viktor & Rolf.

Gareth Pugh

Pure experimentation at the beginning, Gareth Pugh’s creations have become increasingly wearable over the years. The inflatable creations of his first show for the all-Winter season of 2006 or the helmets and armor he introduced on the catwalks in the spring-summer collections of 2007 were much closer to the world of role playing than to fashion and haut couture. Yet, the certainly strange silhouettes stood out like a breath of fresh air.

Over the years, Gareth Pugh has made his way in the fashion field. The models parading on his catwalks are no longer strange creatures. Their humanoid figure is now clearly defined: they are the ambassadors of a style that puts fashion items in the same range with works of art. Loyal to his cuts and to his basic colors (white, black, silver), he offers after a few seasons more consensual clothes, although still tinged with medieval influence, as evidenced by his first Paris fashion show for spring-summer of 2009. As one more proof that he joined the line of great fashion designers Gareth Pugh revisited the famous little black dress for fall-winter season of 2009 -an almost exclusively black, with stringent cuts collection.

The following year, the lines are structured to the point of turning coats into beetles’ shells. Gareth Pugh finds the background on which to draw geometric lines. Once again, the creator leaves little room for the model’s silhouette. Just like Issey Miyake’s work is inspired by origami, Gareth Pugh’s creations take as much from sculpture as from haut couture. Last year’s collection of spring-summer combines the fundamentals of the house (rigidity and op-art patterns) in a unique lightness brought along ​​by fine draped fabrics. All the items have a common feature – the total absence of visible detail (button, pocket, zip) confirming the futuristic looks promoted by the designer.

Wiser than at his experimental beginnings, Gareth Pugh does not cease amazing his fans as his creations become more mature while confirming a strongly personal style. Worn by celebrities like Kylie Minogue, his fashion items are sold all over the world.

Hippie Look For Summer

Since this spring and summer, colorful looks are practically the trend stars, a hippie approach to your outfit seems to be the perfect thing. Hippie movement started during the mid 60’s in America and it was a subculture that embraced all types of liberty that was symbolized by various types of music and drugs use. But, besides these alternative philosophical approaches to life, they also had a personal and unique way to dress. Their clothes had weird and abstract patterns, they were very comfortable and extremely colorful. Also, they wore handmade accessories that were remarkable for their colors and overall design.

The first thing you need to concentrate on is their clothing; if you want to achieve the hippie look, all you need is a few types of clothing. Denim is one of the main things that were used by hippies, both men and women. Faded denim jeans that are flare were one of the key elements in hippie clothing. Also, some women used long skirts, very colorful and different types of ethnic blouses that were meant to symbolize a fusion between cultures. The same went for shoes, which were often sandals or something extremely comfortable, although most of them opted to go barefoot.


Jewelry has the same elements as clothing when it comes to colors and design. Most of the hippies made their own jewelry and some of them even lived by making different types of handmade things. Colorful bead necklaces and bracelets are essential for a hippie look and they were the main type of decoration. However, you can also use feathers or different types of beads, even figurines to create a unique necklace that you can wear when you want to go with the hippie trend.

Women wore their hair braided, which is a main trend this year so you can go for that look also. Most of them, however, just wore their hair loose in an effortless look.

A hippie look is definitely a great way to approach this year trends as they combine the colorful bold colors with the beautiful accessories, but also classic elements such as denim.

Wearing a Microskirt

Miniskirts have been around and about since the 60s and probably all women had one at one point in their life. A typical mini skirt is a skirt that has the line above the knee and usually halfway up the thighs. But there have been modifications to this since it appeared and skirts became shorter and shorter.

The cool thing about a mini skirt is that nowadays it has become such a cool item that it can even be worn over your jeans or leggings. So you don’t have to have perfect legs to wear it, it’s not a fashion item for models anymore or only those with amazing legs.


But miniskirts have become micro skirts lately with women wearing belt size skirts. However, these are worn for special occasions or going to the club, not as street wear. They are usually worn with shorts or even over pants so they are not as revealing as one would think. Micro skirts are more of an accessory than a piece of clothing since they are meant to cover very little and more like give the idea of a skirt rather than be functional. They are even worn during winter over thicker pants and they can be worn with sports clothes, especially by women who practice aerobic or dance.

An interesting option is choosing micro skirts for your swimwear and some of them are even incorporated in the bikinis. For example, there are women who prefer a mini skirt bathing suit because it doesn’t reveal as much as a regular one and they might feel more self-conscious when going to the beach. This is why a micro skirt is the best option you can have in these situations.

When it comes to places where you can buy micro skirts there are a few lingerie stores that sell a big variety of them. However, you can find micro skirts at Target or Topshop easily during summer. Make sure that you wear your micro skirts with confidence but don’t forget about good taste, otherwise people might consider you a little too daring and perhaps more promiscuous than you are.

Fashion Items Worth Investing In

There will always be those fashion items that should be bought for a few more dollars than usual clothes because you want them to last longer. Here is a list of things you shouldn’t spare money on when you get the chance to buy something that is high quality because they really last for a long time.

Shoes – when buying a high quality piece of shoes you shouldn’t look at the price, unless it’s something outrageous. Usually, really good shoes are those that are handmade or from a company that has years of training in this direction; that doesn’t mean getting them from a high end brand. You can buy really good custom shoes even if they are more expensive because they will last a long time. Actually, if you take good care of them you can have them for over a decade. Make sure, however, that you get a classic design when it comes to the style, because you won’t be able to wear them for a long time.

chanel bag

Handbags – a tote handbag or a clutch handbag will never go out of fashion so when you find something made out of good leather that costs a bit too much you can easily buy it and it will also last for a long time. The same rules apply for handbags like they apply for shoes, as long as you take care of them, they can last for a really long time.

Classic Dress – As long as you keep the same body weight a classic dress can be worn for years. You just have to keep it in a good environment and make sure that you don’t overly wash it and it can also last for years. So, investing in a more expensive dress should be a good solution for when you want to buy something that is high quality.

Belts and Jewelry – it’s safe to say that a leather high quality belt will last for years. The same goes for jewelry, which can last for generations if they are properly kept, so you can spend more money on these items without worrying that they might damage with time.

Fashion Items For A Country Style

Whether you have a big hobby for shooting or you simply want to obtain that country girl look, this guide will definitely give you an idea on what fashion items to choose to make that right.

The country style is definitely a timeless style and it’s a perfect way to dress for a night out with your friends or a walk in the park. It is also extremely comfortable and will look perfect on any type of body.  Here are the fashion items you will need to obtain this cool look.

The country shirt – we all know what this means and this shirt is that patterned shirt that will always be in style no matter what. A cool country shirt is the best way to make sure that you stay hip and comfortable. Add a pair of jeans and you are ready to go to Rodeo with your friends and party all night. Also, throw a sleeveless jacket over it and you will get that perfect country look.

Jeans – if we mentioned jeans in the previous section, we have to mention them here. Country jeans however, are not any type of jeans. You have to make sure that you either wear flare jeans or straight jeans. You won’t be having a country look if you choose tight slim jeans, that style is simply an urban jeans style. Blue should be the way to go as it is the classic look and if you want to maintain the style even more, a light shade of blue that is a little washed off is the perfect option.

Shoes – when it comes to shoes everybody knows that a country look has to have boots. If you don’t want boots you can wear some mountain sports shoes, but boots are the way to go if you are planning to go out with your friends to a bar.

Accessories – there are various accessories that you can use to make your look even more authentic: you can use a country hat, a scarf and even some cool colorful accessories country women usually wear. It’s all up to you and how you want to be perceived.

Medium Size Handbag In Black

Is not easy finding something that goes well with your entire wardrobe, whether this is a classic fashion item or not. However, this is not about an item of clothing but an accessory that is the default accessory women should have. We are talking, of course, about a medium size handbag in black. Why? Because a medium size handbag is not too big or too small, it has a color that goes well with anything and it’s an accessory any woman wears at one point in her life.

medium size black handbag

If you haven’t bought handbags before and you don’t know what to choose to make get something that works well with anything the medium size handbag in black is surely your first option. It also woks great as a present, if you don’t know what to get for a female friend. She will be extremely happy as any woman needs or will need at some point in their life a medium sized handbag. The handbag is extremely versatile and it works well with both casual and elegant outfits, no matter what their color or patterns are. Also, you don’t have to mind what shoes you will be wearing as this handbag has no limitations when it comes to that either. You can also opt for a satchel but that isn’t a great option when you want to be a bit more formal as it doesn’t work with any type of formal attire. However, if you are not the type of person that goes to formal events or dresses elegantly, a satchel might be the right decision for you, especially if you have to wear it every day. It is extremely comfortable, it has a great feel to it and it manages to contain a lot of items, so it’s a great handbag for shopping or carrying books at school.

When it comes to handbags, most women usually have more than one, but if you are not the type who buys many handbags or you want to get something more expensive that will last you a long time and you can wear it with various fashion items, the medium size handbag in a black color is the way to go.

Cool Pumps For Your Outfits

When it comes to shoes, women love having various styles available where they can choose from. One of the most versatile and easy to wear shoes is pumps style. Pumps can be incredibly elegant and they make women’s legs look extremely beautiful and long, so if you want something that not only enhances your style but also the way you look, pumps are the way to go.

pumps style shoes

The best colors when it comes to buying pumps is black, because you can wear it with almost anything. Another cool color that you can choose, especially if you want to stand out, is red. Red pumps will definitely look good in a club when you are wearing something sexy. Another cool color is a neutral beige or a creamy color that will work absolutely amazing with a light outfit. These are classic colors, but if you are the type of person who likes wearing colorful accessories and items, you can definitely choose another color. Also, if you have a favorite color, you will surely find pumps that have that color. Another great way to wear weird colors is by adding them to your shoes, so if there’s something you’d like to wear but you are reluctant to buy a piece of clothing that has that particular color, pumps are again, the way to go about this.

Classically, pumps have high heels. However, you can opt for shorter heels if you don’t feel comfortable with a certain type of length. Make sure that you feel comfortable in your shoes, and that should be the main reason why you buy them because you might end up with a bunch of medical issues if you don’t wear things properly.

When it comes to styles, there aren’t many to choose from, which actually make this type of shoe a timeless item. Also, don’t forget to make sure that you buy high quality items, especially when it comes to shoes. Even if you will have to pay a bit more, a pair of high quality shoes won’t damage your feet and it will feel much better than cheaper shoes.